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As I️ feel the last pint of warmth drain from my newly excavated pores,

I️ realize that I’m late for pick up at my baby sister’s day care.

A one year Doodle will wait forever for “Anthy” to hold her in his arms.

So I Flail, gasp for air, trying to tread the waters in an ocean of guilt.

My lungs collapse as my last few breaths escape,

Replaced by the tears of broken promise.



And with the death of Little Lou, Anubis was born.

Stomaching the pain, 

Graciously given out by Azure Men,

Is always the most difficult part to comprehend. 

As I️ fill the crevices on the pavement’s face,

remorse, resentment and reflection,

Swell in seemingly endless thought.


Is the heat pouring from the hole,

Freshly dug into my flesh by death, jacketed in copper,

Or from the skin striking fear into the spine of middle America?