in you


In you I see Agbe.
In you I see Aluko.
In you I see Odidre.

In you I see Iyami,
A light that guides me,
Or redirects me.
To humility, love and righteousness.

In you I see spirituality.
In you I see strife.
In you I see perseverance.

In you I see Indigo Blue,
The birth of infinite influential expressions of creativity.

In you I see rhythm.
In you I see improvisation.
In you I see swing.

In you I see,
A war waged on you since the inception of AmeriKa,
A war still fought.

In you I see rebellion.
In you I see knowledge.

In you I see,
faith in the black cheek that refuses to be turned any longer.

In you I see poetry.

In you I see
the voice of the voiceless.

In you I see,
the apparition of your soul dance from your crown, emanating with an angelic glow.

In you I seek,
help to become a holistic human
who’s moral compass encompasses more than just his own.

In you I saw,
that true men are brought forth from the wisdom, strength and nurture of women.

From you I learned,
the value of independence
the power of innovation
the necessity of resilience.

From you
I see, seek, saw, learned, appreciate, embrace, and love

The holistic beauty of a Black Woman.