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With bloodshot tear ducts
As Crimson rivers flooded the valleys she carved into her arms,
She confessed your sins.

How you dragged her down from the open sky,
And shoved her into a box.

How you slammed her face on to metal
Fracturing the idea of survival,
Vaporizing it as you stripped her of innocence.

How you pried open her virgin lips
Tearing the faith that lined her future.

Over and over again

No matter how loud she screamed
Or cried
Or how hard she pushed
Or struggled against your will

You persisted

Until, like her soul,
Your violin went limp.

And after you finished your hymn
You left her at our doorstep


As rain plundered her back
She tried to get rid of the spawn you left inside her.

So she dug until the valley produced enough river water to quench the Crimson Man's,
in the azure suit he loved so much, thirst.

And with her last breath she ran her fingers
Down my cheek and asked me to forget.

But as I choke on my despair
and stare as you bleed,
Know, I am my sister's keeper.


Officer down at the corner of Ash and Frost