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If I had to pin point it to a moment in this life prewritten for us,
I would pick that night you exposed the complex binary between black and blue.

The night that I,
nine years old, was stripped of an influence;

An influence that never existed for a multitude of labeled apes
which reside in that jungle you call the Hood.

The night that I asked myself
"Does the calculation of opinions in a point system matter?"

and if so why did you steal an influential scholar,
And father,

who influenced the community,
his loved ones
and the ones who loved him.

in that millisecond that it took you to neutralize a neutral "threat",
forcibly replaced that influence with yourself.

You see,
you, influenced me to sell,
you, influenced me to fear,
you, influenced me to hate,
it was YOU who influenced me to kill.

And you ask
what would my father do?

I wish I knew,
Please ask him me.


Officer down at the intersection of Winter and Bourne.